Master the BVLOS OCTA exam.

Prepare for the CASA BVLOS OCTA exam with in-depth theory training from seasoned pilots.

ReOC and Chief Remote Pilot Training

Welcome to Unique Aerial Solutions Northern Territory, where we offer industry-leading training for individuals looking to become a Chief Remote Pilot and acquire a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC).

Our ReOC and Chief Remote Pilot Training program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to operate a commercial drone safely and efficiently. Our course provides a comprehensive overview of the regulations, procedures, and technical aspects of operating a drone, as well as practical training on flying and manoeuvring drones in real-life scenarios.

Our course is tailored to meet the needs of both new and experienced pilots, with a focus on ensuring that all participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate drones in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

<25kg including CASA accreditation

Course duration 3 days,
Max number of students 2.

COURSE START DATE: 1st Monday of each Month

For past Unique Aerial Students and clients:
Cost $1800.00 excluding CASA Fees

For RePL holders from other training providers:
Cost $2000.00 excluding CASA Fees

Prerequisites: Must have a RePL in the RPAS Type you wish to operate, ABN and ASIC Proof of trading name or business name.

This course is a one or two person course, given the amount of material and the customisation involved to focus on your intended business. We do not offer a ReOC with Training or BVLOS options at this point.

Your ReOC will allow you to conduct commercial services as a business for Aerial Works. Which covers all Aerial Based activities, including real estate, survey, mapping, etc.

The training itself covers more Air Law, Area Approvals, and Regulations and responsibilities of a ReOC holder and Chief Pilot and Maintenance Controller then covered in the basic RePL training.

In the training we will work through different scenarios that you will be faced with in the real world for completing an Area Approval Application with CASA. There will be a pre interview covering all the questions CASA will require at the Chief Pilots CASA Interview.

Together we will work through all the documents required by you for CASA to issue a ReOC, where you will have a 100% understanding of what they contain and your responsibilities.

This is a theory-based training season only and is quite intense for the amount of material needed to cover.

The interview process that will be simulated is based on CASA’s process and my personal first-hand experience of going through the process while setting up other client companies across Australia.

Course material includes:

  • Operations Manual Template completed during course tailored to your business
  • Procedures Manual Template completed during course tailored to your business
  • ReOC CASA Application Form 101-04 completed ready for submission
  • Maintenance and RPA Logs templated
  • JSA and Area Approval 101-09 forms for future use
  • Our personal dedication to see you through the process until a positive result.

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