Master the BVLOS OCTA exam.

Prepare for the CASA BVLOS OCTA exam with in-depth theory training from seasoned pilots.


Unique Aerial Solutions provide a range of services, training and consultation solutions.
For more information regarding our services listed below, please contact us.

25g to 150kg Air frame

$1500.00 per person with your aircraft – limited to 5 people from the same business. Air Frame Specific.

ReOC and Air Law consultation

$153.00 per hour

RPAS and Payload software training

$1500.00 per day. Estimate 5 days – 5 students only

Form 101-09 Aera Approval application

$153.00 per hour – includes flight plan only. JSA’s and all other documents to be provided by client and reviewed by UASNT.

Flight Planning, including flight plan template

$153.00 per hour

Client vs CASA advocate services

$250.00 for first hour.
$153.00 remaining hours

Independent Audit services

Covering all RPAS business relate operations, including but not limited to Chief Remote Pilot, Logs, Operation and Procedures Manuals, Pilot currency and check flights

Results are CASA compliance approval standards as per CASR Part 101 and CASR Part 101 MOS and any other relevant CASR Parts or subparts.

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