6 Careers UAV training can offer

6 Careers UAV training can offer

Industry-focused training programs can often be considered ‘career-limiting’ in many fields, and for potential students, this is something many seriously consider before committing themselves.

However, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training is one industry-focused program that offers a very diverse range of opportunities in many different fields.

Most people do not realise how diverse the UAV industry really is, and while many career advisors will be familiar with the common uses of Unmanned aerial vehicles, such as drone photography, geo-mapping and surveillance, there are many new opportunities that keep popping up all the time, offering an almost endless array of employment opportunities.

And there are plenty of cost-effective opportunities to set up your own niche small business once you have the right UAV training behind you.

Some of the most common industries where UAV services are being utilised include Local Government, Defence, Agriculture, Mining, Electrical and even Surf Lifesaving.

Drones are saving Australian companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, with many of the country’s largest companies now utilizing their services in some way.

Here are 6 popular career paths that UAV Training can offer:


Mapping and Surveying

UAV’s are a cost effective and very accurate way to map and survey property, and can often provide a much faster service than larger vehicles such as helicopters can.
Many Developers now utilise the services of drones for planning their projects in many fast growing regions of Australia.
They can also be used for monitoring traffic, and planning of future transport systems.

Wildlife Tracking

UAV’s can allow researches to go places that are often inaccessible by larger vehicles, and the smaller UAVs present a lot less noise to wildlife, allowing researchers, scientists and conservations the ability to get up closer with animals as well as tracking their migration.

Real Estate Photography

Drones are now commonly used for providing aerial photography and videography for property marketing, both on an individual property or entire property development.
UAV operators are well in demand for this ever-increasing service.

Aerial Weed Spraying

Agriculture is one industry that has greatly benefited from UAV’s, with unmanned crafts providing the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively spray large fields that would previously have required larger aircraft to carry out the services. Concerns such as powerlines, and other hazards, are not an issue for the smaller unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Search and Rescue

Unmanned crafts have made search and rescue efforts much more effective, with the smaller vehicles being able to fly at lower altitudes and cover areas that might often be inaccessible to helicopters or all-terrain vehicles. 

Mining & Energy

The mining industry has greatly benefited from the UAV industry, with mining facilities being able to be checked much more efficiently. Other services such as Solar Farms also benefit from UAVs, using infra-red and other services to be able to quickly carry out routine checks of equipment at a fraction of the cost.

The UAV industry is a rapidly growing industry, that is sure to continue to grow not just in Australia, but around the world, with new opportunities being created every day.

If you are interested in a career in the UAV industry, enroll in UAV training courses today!