Take the first step towards becoming a commercial remote drone pilot.

If you are an organisation or business wanting to operate drones you need a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). 
This Certificate allows you to operate commercial drones throughout Australia using pilots who hold a Remote Pilot Licence.

We offer a 2-day, in person training course to assist you in obtaining your Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). 

A Remote Operator Certificate is similar to an airline holding an Air Operator Certificate.  The airline still needs licensed pilots to fly their aircraft but they also need their Operator Certificate to operate commercially in Australia.  

As part of  obtaining a Remote Operator Certificate, your organisation or business needs to designate a person responsible for operations, this person is known as the Chief Remote Pilot.  

The Chief Remote Pilot must prepare a job safety and risk assessment for an example job issued by CASA and complete a phone interview with CASA discussing the safety assessment and the individual’s responsibilities.  

Our training provides you with the knowledge, confidence and preparation needed for these CASA requirements and interviews.  

Upon completion of our training your organisation will have the ability to obtain a ReOC that will allow you to conduct commercial services for aerial based activities such as surveying, mapping, remote delivery, utility inspections, real estate photography, cinematography and more.  

Learn from some of Australia’s premier remote pilots and land your dream job.

  • A theory based course with only 1-2 students.  There’s a significant amount of course material so keeping our student numbers low allows us to work with you at an individual level to get through all the theory together!
  • Our training is customised for your business.  We use our years of experience helping other companies achieve their ReOC to make sure you are ready for your CASA interview and are ultimately successful in getting your Certificate. x
  • We work through each of the CASA documents carefully and comprehensively to make sure you completely understand your responsibilities and the CASA regulations.
  • We use a number of real-world scenarios to complete an Area Approval Application, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need for your CASA Chief Pilots Interview.
  • We conduct a ‘Pre-Interview’ with you, covering all the questions CASA requires in their Chief Pilots Interview.   
  • Our training continues on from the Remote Pilot Licence training, covering more comprehensively, subjects such as Air Law, Area Approvals, Regulations and Responsibilities in relation to a ReOC holder, Chief Remote Pilot and Maintenance Controller.

Applications are now open for our Remote Drone Pilot Licence course.

We are certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) which means we are audited every 12 months to ensure we train you in the most current CASA standards and requirements.

Your course materials includes:

  • Operations Manual template that we complete together during your course so that its tailored to your business
  • Procedures Manual template that we complete together during your course so that its tailored to your business
  • ReOC CASA Application Form 101-04. We complete this together, ready for submission for CASA.
  • Maintenance and RPA Logs templates
  • JSA and Area Approval 101-09 forms for future use!

You have our personal dedication to see you through the training and interview process with CASA to make sure you achieve your ReOC and can start operating Drones in your business or organisation.

A Remote Pilot Licence is a must for any professional wanting to use drones in their business.

The Remote Operator’s Certificate is great for any business or organisation wanting to take advantage of the growing benefits drones can offer. There are some prerequisites however.

You are:

  • required to hold a Remote Pilots Licence (rePL) in the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) you wish to operate.
  • required to provide your ABN and ASIC proof of trading or business name.

Register your interest in our upcoming courses and we’ll be in touch with more information.