5 Day Face to Face course

RePL 25Kg Course $2600.00 incl. all related CASA Fees.

Military / NTPFES / PPL / CPL to RePL Conversions POA.

To operate a drone which is above the Maximum Take Off weight of 2kg in Australia for Commercial Purposes, then the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101 dictate that you are required to hold a remote pilot licence (RePL). Unique Aerial Solutions is CASA certified to deliver and issue you the training and licencing required under CASR 101 Manual of Standards. Ensuring that you get the most up to date qualifications.

Once you have pasted the Theory and Practical Training Unique Aerial Solutions has the authority to issue you with your RePL on completion of the course. All CASA fees are included, and we make it a hassle-free process.

Our courses are designed to be both informative and up to date with CASA Standards. Unique Aerial Solutions keeps its classes small so we can look after your needs and requirements. Taking every opportunity to pass on our industry experiences and knowledge to you throughout the course. Including film and documentary, surveying, mapping, inspection, construction, agriculture, mining, real estate, and surveillance, just to name a few.

  • RBAK – Aviation Knowledge for RPA
  • RACP – Airspace, Charts and Aeronautical Publications for RPA
  • RMBO – Basic Meteorology for RPA Operations
  • REES – Electrical and Electronic systems for RPA
  • RHPF – Human Performance for RPA
  • RKOP – RPA Knowledge of Operations for RPA
  • RORA – Operational Rules and Air Law for RPA
  • RAFM – Automated Flight Management systems for RPA
  • RBKM – RPA Aeronautical knowledge and operation procedures
  • RC1 – Preform Pre and Post operational actions
  • RC2 – Energy Management
  • RC3 – Manage Crew, Bystanders and Payloads
  • RC4 – Navigation and Operations
  • RNT – Non-Technical Skills for RPA Operations
  • RAF – Automated Flight Management Systems for RPA
  • AROC – Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate

Course Student Material provided includes the following:

  1. CASR 101 – printed current version from Air Service website
  2. 101-09 Area Approval request template – printed current version form CASA website
  3. ABC Drones Operation Manual
  4. ABC Drones Procedures Manual
  5. DJI Inspire 2 Manual
  6. Pre and Post Check list
  7. Darwin / Alice Spring VTC
  8. ERSA
  9. Logbook template (CASA template)
  10. AROC handouts

Student discounts on any RPAS purchased at time of enrolment from Unique Aerial Solutions online store.