CASA Certified

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is an Australian government body that issues a range of permits, approvals and licences to set the guidelines and laws regarding the conduct of aviation activities in Australia.

Unique Aerial Solutions is recognised as a CASA certified service provider in the aviation industry.

What does CASA Certified mean?

There are a number of regulations required to be CASA certified. Many of these primarily cover the Civil Aviation safety regulations and standards, which ensure we are a trusted source for drone training and drone sales, and we comply with the rules and regulations set by CASA.

Unique Aerial Solutions is a CASA Drone Safety Advocate.

The initiative helps improve drone safety in Australia by helping identify services and products promoted by CASA-recognised retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Unique Aerial Solutions have many years experience in both training and hands on management of drones and flight training, and the CASA certification assures you that our trainers will provide the very best in drone operation training.